BuddyGripper made Tutorials

A BuddyGripper + tripod can be your friend when making video tutorials!   Check out some of the ones our customers and BuddyGripper staff have made!  Enjoy and let us know if you learn something!

BuddyGripper made Instructables!

Instructables.com is a website where people upload multi-media instructions on how to make and do many things.  Here are some we’ve created using a BuddyGripper, Tripod iPod Touch and of course, love! :)

The Wine Cork Tripod

BuddyGripper Meets 3D Printing – Interview

Vespa Repair Tutorials:

I received a 1991 vintage PX125 Vespa from a good friend, and while having some serious style, it has also had some serious mechanical problems. But nothing the crew here at BuddyGripper cant solve! Check them out:

Changing a stator (12 sept. 2011)

Android Tutorials:

Setting the camera timer

The tutorial below shows you how to set the timer function on your Android Phone Camera: OS 2.2 or better. Thanks to my Dad for starring in the final shot. Look at that mug!

This Android tutorial is also to set the timer function on your Android Phone Camera: OS 1.6 up to 2.1. A special app was downloaded to enable this feature and is explained in the video. The above tutorial shows how to do the same thing with newer, pre-installed Android OS 2.1 and above.

Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of your BuddyGripper

Everyone originally thought you needed a tripod to get any use out of your BuddyGripper. Oh on the contrary, see the video below:

Phone and iPod Tutorials

in development

Have a video tutorial that you made with your mobile phone and BuddyGripper? Let us know, well post it if it meets these criteria: I cant possibly get sued. Haha! Even if we dont post it, wed love to see it, just a title=Contact Us href=http://buddygripper.com/contact-us/contact us/a!

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