Time-lapse Photography

Have you used your BuddyGripper and mobile phone to create a cool Time Lapse video? If so, tag it with BuddyGripper and Time-lapse and well add it as soon as we find it! Or just let us know you want it featured!

Some timelapses around the world:

Fun at the airport:

A time-lapsed Sunset in barrio Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain (9 July 2011)

Bored of watching your CNC machine go round and round? Speed it up! Check out this video with a BuddyGrippered iPod taking timelapse photos of an Emco CNC machine! Fun fun fun! (24 June 2011)

Bought a cute little Egg Timer and made Time Lapse magic! Check it out! (11 June 2011)

Here is a Timelapse video showcasing some of the research conducted by a href=http://www-bsac.eecs.berkeley.edu/~mccoy/ target=_blankChris McCoy at U.C. Berkeley/a and his assembly of a a href=http://www.sparkfun.com/products/7914 target=_blankSparkFun Arduino ProtoShield Kit/a to make Arduino development even easier! (6 June 2011)

Time Lapse Photography: Stacking engine pistons into a pyramid (using Time Lapse Lite for Android) (20 April 2011)

My boy Dan gets his head shaved by trusted friend, Javi Clipper Hands. This video shows the power of lapse Photography (TimeLaps Pro for iPod and iPhone) iMovie when paired with a BuddyGripper and Tripod. (25 April 2011)

Paco and Nacho get down in the Laboratory fixing mini Wankel engines!!

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