The Revillé Brothers

(Paris, France 16 August 2011)


José Carlos Gómez – Guitarrista de Flamenco y Cantante

We’ve had the privilege to put a BuddyGripper in the hands of an extremely talented Spanish Guitarist, José Carlos Gómez, from Madrid, Spain. The Antonio Banderas look-alike has been playing guitar for many years, and was influenced by the all-time Spanish great, Paco de Lucia and Camarón de la Isla. He has also just recorded a self titled new album, which can be bought online.

With over 500 followers on the Facebook page for José Carlos Gómez, he expresses his thanks: “Gracias por abrazarme en silencio, gracias por susurrarme el secreto, gracias por consentirme y por cuidar cada paso de camino al cielo…”

See one of his videos below, filmed with an iPhone4 and a BuddyGripper. More to come soon! Bien hecho Don José:

Chris D. McCoy – Rookie Guitarist and Questionable Singer

Having just made the switch to Mac, I have to say for musicians, they’ve got some good pre-installed programs. With GarageBand, you can make your music and with iMovie you can share it (don’t forget to record it using your iPod/iPhone/Android with a BuddyGripper)! Below was my first attempt at making a song with GarageBand, what do you think? That’s a REAL salt shaker and that’s really me snapping. Can you add a track? Let’s collaborate!

Using a BuddyGripper, an iPod 4G and a custom tripod mount made by for guitars, we were able to take this camera angle (see below). Additionally, replay your video and use it as your own personal jamming buddy! Enjoy!

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