Can these videos get any dumber? (3 June 2011)

Taking some old BuddyGripped footage and speeding it up to make a silly video called, “Cleanliness is Godliness” (30 May 2011)

Our first attempt at using the REAL iMovie for MacBooks.  Daniele better hand over his money!  Voiceover was made using GarageBand.  But as always, video footage was captured using a BuddyGripper, iPod Touch, tripod and love :)  (25 May 2011)

Time Lapse Photography: Stacking engine pistons into a pyramid (using Time Lapse Lite for Android) (20 April 2011)

My boy Dan gets his head shaved by trusted friend, Javi “Clipper Hands.”  This video shows the power of  lapse Photography (TimeLaps Pro for iPod and iPhone) iMovie when paired with a BuddyGripper and Tripod.  (25 April 2011)

Here is a video shot with the expressed purpose to demonstrate the video capture and editing capabilities using a BuddyGripper, various tripods and iMovie for iPhone4 and iPod 4G.  This is like the mobile version of “Pimp my Ride” in Spain.  Enjoy!  (17 April 2011)

Well, with our company theme of not asking “Why?” but rather, “Why not?” came this video? (5 March 2011)


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