Sewing Tips

Ms. Bailey Bliss adds a quick guide to cutting fabric straight which ultimately helps you sew better!


Ms. Bliss at it again.  This time showing everyone how to make a Summer Dress or a Summer Skirt for their little ones (not your sons, your daughters, nieces and girls only please).  But if you do break the rules and make a dress for your son, nephew or otherwise, please BuddyGrip the video and send it to us!!

Our  very first “Craft” related video is “How to make a cosmetic bag with a zipper” and was recorded, edited and uploaded by one of BuddyGripper’s finest, our Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, Ms. Bailey Bliss.  You can browse her hand-made bags at her website and buy them at her store on This video was made using an Android mobile, a BuddyGripper + tripod and edited using the new web-based editing software!  Thanks Bailey!  You ROCK!  (1 June 2011)

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