User Statements:

“…I was more than skeptical [about using a BuddyGripper], then I used it, and I took it off, then I missed it so I put it back on.” ~Dr. Eric Hobbs – www.dochobbs.com – March 2011

“I started using that gripper when I’m in the plane, it´s awesome” ~Bernd K., Engineering Consultant –March 2011

“…the thing is pretty cool, actually!”~Bayram O, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineer –February 2011

“After I made the BuddyGripper and started using it, I never took it off of my iPod Touch.” ~Chris McCoy, Engineer, Creator – March 2011

Customer Photos:

What´s missing…or better yet, WHO is missing in these pictures?

Another beautiful photo of Mom but something – or someone – is missing…

The Mother of a lucky son smiling for a photo – presumably taken by Dad.






The missing person is the significant other taking the photos!

With a BuddyGripper and a tripod, never leave anyone out again!


A BuddyGripper helps Mom´s Android phone take this picture in Pine Mountain Club, California, U.S.A. Dad, it’s great to see you!

The married couple can now both remember the moment together. Photo taken with a BuddyGripper, Tripod and Android Smartphone






Tech-savvy Bayram uses his BuddyGripper with his calculator!

BuddyGripper makes math more fun!

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