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  • OUR FREE TRIPODFor a limited time, we’re selling the BuddyGripper along with a flexy-legged mini tripod.  While not the most feature-full tripod on the market, it definitely gets you started with your BuddyGripper. This tripod is very pocket friendly and will show you how much more professional of a clip you can capture with your mobile device equipped with a BuddyGripper.
mini tripod

Flexy-leg mini tripod

  • Mini Tripod – Cover some extra ground with this mini-tripod in addition to the BuddyGripper to ensure the most stable, focused images and videos possible!  This particular tripod has a nicely and easily adjustable head so you can stabilize then re-adjust quickly, not losing a precious sunset or Kodak moment!
  • Regular Tripod If you’re looking for professional-grade videos and need a top-quality tripod to work with your BuddyGripper and device, this is a great option!
  • Egg Timer – Egg timer??  Yea, Egg Timer!  Assuming you have a good TimeLapse application on your mobile phone, you can make cool rotating TimeLapse video by using your BuddyGripper and tripod.  Check out our TimeLapse videos here.  Idea credit goes to http://www.hpndvr.com/eggtimer.cfm Remember, if you decide you want to do this, make sure your Egg Timer rotates!  Digital timers won’t…um..work…yea.


iPods / iPhones / Android / Possibly Others


  • Camera Plus (FREE) – (BG Rating: 3/5) Take photos, enhance them with some cool effects, and share with your friends for free!  Most importantly, it has a countdown timer so you can set up your BuddyGripper and Smartphone to take a picture.
    • BuddyGripper Critique: While pretty good for a “free” application, it has a couple glitches and is a little awkward at first with regard to previewing photos, setting up “countdown timer” shots.  But it gets the job done and has a lot of nice features (which we don’t really use much).
  • Time Lapse Lite – (FREE) -(BG Rating 3/5) Using your Android phone, you can take time lapse photography.  Very cool but based on quality of the “lite” version, you might have to buy the premium version to get anything of great quality.
    • BuddyGripper Critique: Perfect if you want to see how it works.  Effectively useless if you want to create any clips of value.  Two seconds worth of video is just too short to make anything interesting.
  • Time Lapse Pro – ($1.99) -(BG Rating 2/5) With the pro version, now you can take Time-Lapse photography to the point your battery runs out.  A much more fun and enriched time-lapse experience than the free versions offer.
    • BuddyGripper Critique:  However, this app will also drain your battery, the exported videos unfortunately do not easily import into iMovie from your Camera Roll, the screen (which remains “on” for some reason throughout the process) doesn’t even update every picture so if you have to move it, you don’t know if you’re where you started.  Additionally, the process for setting up a TimeLapse is annoying because it has you “name” and “define” everything first, but if you’re in a hurry to get the camera setup (i.e. for a beautiful sunset
  • LapseIT ($1.99) – (BG Rating TBD) We’ve heard that this app is one of the best for Android phones.  “LapseIt for Android is the best time lapse app for Android you can find. really solid” said one power user.  However, for my Android phone, a Orange Galaxy Mini, it doesn’t work.  Thus we’d love any of your feedback.  
    • BuddyGripper Critique:  TBD
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – (FREE) – (BG Rating 4/5) one of the Adobe products which actually seems to work without crashing.  Their filters and borders are great for making an ordinary iPhone or iPod picture look special.
    • BuddyGripper Critique – overall a pretty clean app.  It’s nice that it allows you to save a copy of your original picture.  While most of the filters and effects are fun, we’ve narrowed down on a couple we like and that’s sufficient to make our pictures look much better.  You’ll likely find your own as well.  It’s part of the fun :)
  • 8mm Vintage Camera – ($1.99) – (BG Rating 2/5) Take a walk down memory lane with this cool app.  Very simple to use and fun, this app allows you to record video what will make you yearn for the past, using a vintage camera filter effect.
    • BuddyGripper Critique – This app has its purpose to filter video.  However, the biggest downside we see is that you can’t apply this feature to videos shot in other programs.  Therefore you have to be committed to making a “vintage video” from the start, otherwise you’ll be stuck with, “old film.”

Video Editing

  • iMovie (for iPhone4 and iPod 4G) – ($4.99) – (BG Rating 3/5) Produced by Apple Inc., iMovie for the iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPhone4 is great for making and sharing movies with your iPod and iPhone.
    • BuddyGripper Critique – this app has the Apple experience with some very fun themes, intuitive use and overall clean design.  This app however suffers in one large way and that is the “choose media” option which renders your videos, pictures and music in a list.  This process loads all videos into the cache and because the videos are ordered by date, an old video file may take up to 1-2 frustrating minutes just to find…if the app doesn’t crash.  Also, there seems to be a large bug in the app as not all videos are presented in the media selection tool and the preview images don’t always represent their actual video.  This is frustrating beyond belief so much so that I’ve given up editing on the iPod until they create an update.
  • JayCut.com– (FREE) – A free web-based video editing program that allows you to upload clips, cut / edit, and then export to the web (like YouTube.com) or back to your computer.  Very cool!
  • iMovie (for computers) – (comes with Apple iLife Software package) – Very cool software.  Powerful and you can consider it “free” if you already own or were planning to buy an Apple computer.  While video editing on iPods and iPhones is possible, we’ve started to get comfy using a bigger screen when we have one :)
  • Splice (for iPhone4 and iPod Touch) – (FREE) this free editing software is not a bad start, but I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners as you’d likely get frustrated and give up.  It does have the potential though to be very powerful (i.e. the developers have thought of the more intermediate editing features)

    BuddyGripper Critique – While suffering from several crashes throughout its use, the developers are aware of this issue and are working to fix it.  My favorite feature is that I can speed up my videos and slow them down…a feature not available on iMovie for iPhone4 and iPod.  The audio editing isn’t intuitive and I’ve struggled to drop the audio on one clip and then boost the music on another, however, the tracks appear to be there if you want to actually do this.

  • Magisto (for Android) – (FREE) we’ve never used this application directly, but good friend and colleague Paco has recommended this application for very very simple video editing.  If you don’t like actually doing all the cuts, this video will do it all for you!!  Choose a theme, choose a song and let the app do the rest!!  Here’s a sample video of a Makerbot 3D printer.


  • YouTube(Free) –Record a video and upload it to YouTube directly from your mobile device!
  • Dropbox.com – (Free) – our sharing category is probably defined by Dropbox.com  They have a clean iPhone app and also have apps on other mobile platforms like iPod Touch and Android.  It syncs seamlessly to your computer so you always have your files where you want them.  First to GBs of space are free, after that there are service charges but invite friends and get storage boosts!




  • Skype Mobile(Free)Connect with your friends on the go for free with Skype Mobile!
  • Ustream(Free)Live streaming video straight from your phone!
  • TinyChat – (Free)Live streaming video from your computer…maybe eventually your phone
  • YouTorialMarket – (Limited Free)Watch video-based tutorials from this new start-up.

Recommended Media:

Podcasts from (All Free):

  • www.TED.com – with “Ideas worth spreading,” ted.com hosts “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.”
  • http://blogs.hbr.org/ideacast/ – business oriented podcasts that stimulate your thoughts on opportunity recognition and give you practical skills to be the at the leading edge of business strategy.
  • www.techcrunch.com – the folks at techcrunch.com seem to be at the forefront of all things technology, entrepreneurship and cool!  We mostly read their news articles but have found their podcasts very interesting as well.
  • http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/ – Learn about how to manage your finances and how exactly money works.  Don’t forget to make a BuddyGripper Budget!  Spare your liver 3x cocktails and you’ve saved enough for a BuddyGripper


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