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Camera Plus App Review – iPhone and iPod Touch – by Chris McCoy

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A free, feature-full camera app that gives your iPhone / iPod Touch enhanced video and photo capture capabilities. 4 stars out of 5.

Why I used this app? The Countdown Timer

CameraPlus was my solution to taking timed photos on my iPhone.  I wanted put my iPhone on a tripod and take a picture in front of Philadelphia’s Love Park sign.  I didn’t want to hand some stranger my iPhone (with all my contacts, e-mail accounts, financial apps, etc.), nor did I particularly want to have someone else take the photo for me (although most people are familiar with the iPhone camera interface, it’s still not something I wanted to spend time explaining).  It would be much easier to just take a timed photo.  Therefore, I found CameraPlus, made by Global Delight Technologies, free on the Apple App Store and downloaded it free.

Take photos while traveling solo! An iPod Touch mounted atop a mini tripod using a BuddyGripper

Feature Summary: Feature Rich

Camera plus offers a range of features, most importantly for me was the countdown timer.  Other included features are:

Camera Mode:

  1. Digital zoom
  2. Ability to record video (important for iPhone 3G and 3Gs users)
  3. “Touch Anywhere” to take picture feature
  4. Flash / no flash (iPhone4 only I believe)
  5. “Take photo when steady” option
  6. A “Bing” image search

Video Mode

  1. Video filters (such as X-Ray, Avatar Blue, and sepia)
  2. The ability to do time-lapse photography (extremely limited)

Global Features

  1. You can select which camera you want to use (front facing or rear)
  2. You can share and upload (I tend to simply move the files to my “Camera Roll” and use the iPod options)
  3. Menu options to “buy the professional version.”

Final Thoughts: “Good Enough”

Overall impression is that it works “good enough” for the feature I downloaded it for: a countdown timer.  The other functions while several are “neat,” are not interesting enough to use nor do I use this camera in place of the built in camera program provided by Apple.  I will say, that in the process of making this review, I got really excited when I discovered the application’s ability to do “time lapse photography” (a feature that is highly enabled by the use of our BuddyGripper product), but then really saddened that it only allowed you to make 15 seconds of time lapse, which is effectively crap.

The program is more or less intuitive.  There are some glitches in the timed photo mode in which the screen freezes on the last photo taken and you can’t preview the next shot.  Not a big deal but annoying.  For whatever reason, I prefer to preview images in the iPod’s “Camera Roll” rather than the applications “Photo Preview” option but that is simply a user preference.

I don’t use the video recording options and filters much because, a) I didn’t know about them and b) I’d prefer to take normal video and apply filters in post processing (that way you’re not stuck with a video in “x-ray mode” that captured the first ever UFO).


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Based on the user experience and my desire to just have a countdown timer, I give this application a 4 out of 5.  There may be many better photo applications available which I encourage you to tell us about, but once I find an app that is “good enough,” I tend to stick with it and end the search.  If the menu intuition and glitches were removed, this app could potentially be a 4.5 out of 5.  The Pro version may address many of these shortcomings.

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