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Time-Lapse - Lite


Written by Bailey Bliss, Marketing Coordinator

Tweet Summary

Time Lapse Lite offers Android users the ability to create time lapse videos up to 8mb in size, with various customization options.

Why I used this app?

  • Short answer: Because it was free.
  • Long answer: I needed an app that would allow me to create time lapse videos in order to promote the BuddyGripper and my crafting website. I’m staunch on using free apps, and this was the highest rated free time lapse app in the Market.

Here are some examples of videos I created using the Time Lapse Lite app (the text and music were added using

Video Tutorial No Bake Cookies

Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Girls Summer Dress Tutorial

What I liked about this app:

  • Incredibly easy to use: just set the frame rate at which you would like to capture and start recording
  • Ability to customize frame rate capture after video is taken: make a video faster or slower to fit your needs
  • Saves directly onto your phone as a .mov file
  • Allows you to export to YouTube

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • Screen resolution isn’t the best, but if this is a deal-breaker, you can buy the full version for $1.99 and get a much better screen capture quality
  • Occasionally force-closed on me: ¬†never while shooting video, but during playback

Final Thoughts:

4 stars out of 5

As I mentioned above, I’m all about free apps, and for a free app, this was a pretty good program. I liked how easy the application was to use, and how it didn’t take up too much space on my phone. I liked that I was able to directly export my videos to YouTube if I wanted (though I never did, because I needed to add text to mine). Granted, the screen resolution wasn’t very good. However, this can be fixed by simply buying the full version, which is only $1.99.

I will say, though, that the free version is not for those who have professional experience with video manipulation, or for those looking for perfect results. This app was just fine for me, as a person with minimal video creation experience and little to no patience for laggy apps.

I would suggest this app to anyone who is looking for a light, easy app to help them create a fun, personal video. Time Lapse Lite in conjunction with a video creator like JayCut makes a fantastic team that is easy and fun (and free!).







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