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If you love using the BuddyGripper for taking videos, you will surely like the app Cycloramic.

While the BuddyGripper allows people to record media easily, the Cycloramic app allows iPhone users to take panoramic shots hands-free. It’s very useful for those who want to capture stable images of sites or events while on the go.

Cycloramic is an exclusive iOS app that makes the iPhone rotate 360 degrees without the user even touching it. The app adjusts the iPhone’s vibrator at a specific frequency to make the device spin around its vertical axis, and follows the track of the rotation angle using the device’s built-in compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer. Currently, Cycloramic only works for the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6. Users of other iPhone models will have to take panoramic shots using the app’s “guided mode.” There are no news yet whether or not the app will be released for the Android market as well. This is not-so-great news for those who want to take advantage of Samsung Galaxy S5’s crystal-clear 16 megapixel camera. In O2‘s Galaxy S5 page, Samsung’s smartgadget has a 5.1″ FHD touchscreen display, and an HDR mode to capture great shots even when the lighting is bad. It is the perfect phone to use for Cycloramic along with the all-new iPhone 6.

One of the best features of Cycloramic is its ability to process panoramic shots into 24-second videos. It also allows users to edit, store, and share panoramic shots online, too.

What I liked about this app:

– Rotation: Users can control the speed of its rotation. It can rotate 360 degrees as fast as 15 seconds.
– Full HD: It generates full HD videos and photos both in landscape and panoramic mode.
– Stability: It works even on rough platforms

Stability is perhaps one of the best features of the app. Cycloramic suggests that people use their phones on stable, even surfaces such as glass or marble. However, the app captures great images on rough platforms, too. For rocky or soft terrains, there’s always the BuddyGripper3D that allows users to take 360 degree shots on almost any surface.

The app is very easy to use since there are only three icons to choose from on the screen. First, the icon that allows people to control hand-captured or vibration-based panoramas. The second is the settings menu, which allows users to tweak the app according to their needs. Lastly, there’s a viewer option that previews 360 degrees recordings.

There’s actually no learning curve to the app. All users have to do is to place their devices on a surface and start shooting great images or videos. This fact alone makes Cycloramic one of the best photography-based apps in the App Store right now.

The BuddyGripper was created as a solution to watch videos or capture stable images easily. Thanks to this innovative product, a lot of people all over the world are now enjoying hands-free video streaming and recording. The BuddyGripper itself doesn’t have support in taking hands-free 360 degree shots (unless you have an egg timer and a timelapse app – see this video)…but thankfully, Cycloramic is there to assist it. This app is highly recommended!

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