Announcing: July Photo/Video Contest!

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What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar? (We have a winner!)

What would you do for this?

This month’s photo/video contest gives you an opportunity to show us all of the crazy things you would do for a delicious snack in the middle of a hot summer!


  1. There are two categories: photo and video. You can submit an entry to both categories if you wish.
  2. Submit your entry to the “Photo/Video Contest” tab of the BuddyGripper Facebook page, or at the bottom of this blog post.
  3. Title your entry “I’d do this for a Klondike Bar”.
  4. PLEASE don’t harm anybody/anything in the making of your submission. In general, be yourself without breaking laws of ethics, physics, or morals  of your local government. Submissions that violate this rule will be disqualified.


We are offering a loot bundle for each category!

  1. A free BuddyGripper and tripod
  2. A custom made phone slip-cover
  3. A groovy t-shirt that looks like this:


Originality and ridiculousness – the more over the top, the better your chance to win!!

Submit Your Entry Today!

The contest starts July 5th, and will run until July 25th. We will choose a winner on July 31st.

See current BuddyGripper contest submissions

See what Pete Herman did for a Klondike Bar:

BuddyGripper Klondike Bar Photo/Video Contest


What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar? The BuddyGripper
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