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App Review: Cycloramic

November 6, 2014 • Posted by cmccoy in App Review, News, Product Review • • 0 comments

by @writtenbyjenni If you love using the BuddyGripper for taking videos, you will surely like the app Cycloramic. While the BuddyGripper allows people to record media easily, the Cycloramic app allows iPhone users to take panoramic shots hands-free. It’s very useful for those who want to...READ MORE

App Review: Harlem Shake by

January 4, 2014 • Posted by cmccoy in App Review • Tags: 0 comments

    Harlem Shake App by – for the iOS platform Written by Chris McCoy, Product Manager   Tweet Summary   The Harlem Shake App maximizes the fun of the Harlem Shake and minimizes the headache to create your own!   Why I used...READ MORE


The MiniGripper(TM) was inspired by the BerradaGrip(TM) line of BuddyGripper(TM) products.  If you’re not looking to put your phone on a tripod, but WOULD like to mount your smartphone on your car’s dashboard or stereo screen, this is the perfect BuddyGripper(TM) for you! Features: Double-sided mini...READ MORE


Inspired by a good friend who struggled to find a place to mount his phone during his commute, the BerradaGrip(TM) allows you to add a second suction cup to your BuddyGripper3D(TM) in order to affix it directly to a screen in your vehicle or a...READ MORE

Tripod 3D Kit

Buy your BuddyGripper Tripod3D Kit Kit includes: “N” tripod screws and a tap drill

BuddyGripper3D Production Kit

Buy your BuddyGripper3D Production Kit to make as many BuddyGripper3Ds as you want! 3D Production Kit includes: # suction cups # threaded inserts


The Tripod3D(TM) is a 3D printed tripod that was designed for use with the BuddyGripper(TM). Product features include: Personalization Print in any color your heart desires (see colors) Compact size and weight Easily fits in your pocket

BuddyGripper GPS Kit

The BuddyGripper(TM) GPS Kit allows you to attach your SmartPhone to your car’s windshield for easy, hands-free, GPS navigation. The BuddyGripper(TM) GPS Kit Includes: A BuddyGripper(TM)  (3D, 3D w/NFC add $5, Original or Smooth) The window mount suction cup A window mount suction cup Print...READ MORE

BuddyGripper Original

The Original BuddyGripper(TM).  Manufactured in Spain out of medical-grade Delrin.  Available in both Black and White. The BuddyGripper(TM) Original Includes: A sexy BuddyGripper(TM) Original with a story Flexy leg tripod (see extras)  

BuddyGripper Smooth

The BuddyGripper Smooth(TM) is just like the BuddyGripper Original(TM) except…seamless.  No more obvious manufacturing details.  The BuddyGripper Smooth(TM) is like you and your in-style attitude and persona.


BuddyGripper3D(TM) is our newest product which is manufacturing using a customizable process known as 3D printing (the founder–Chris McCoy–tells the story here on YouTube: BuddyGripper(TM) meets 3D printing). Product features include: Print in any color your heart desires (see colors) Personalized message Addition of NFC capabilities....READ MORE

3D Printing and You

July 8, 2012 • Posted by cmccoy in News • • 0 comments

3D Printing and You by Tech Blogger, Lisa Urwick When you think of a computer printer, the image that comes to mind is a gray box sitting on your desktop next to your printer.  This printer is perfect for printing letters and documents.  However, what...READ MORE

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