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Harlem Shake App by – for the iOS platform

Written by Chris McCoy, Product Manager


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The Harlem Shake App maximizes the fun of the Harlem Shake and minimizes the headache to create your own!


Why I used this app?


  • Short answer: Because it was super easy to use and produced the end result–a Harlem Shake video–with ease (see below).
  • Long answer: After creating one Harlem Shake video using old footage and iMovie on my Macbook Pro, I was like, “there should be an app for this.”  Turns out there was and I was instantly sold on the concept, I downloaded the app and started making my own Harlem Shakes!


Mobile Platform: iOS

Here’s one of the Harlem Shakes I made using the app:


What I liked about this app:


  • Fairly easy to use: if you’re familiar with the mechanics of a Harlem Shake Video, then this app is fairly intuitive.
  • Just the concept was hilarious and I was happy at how fast I had my own Harlem Shake ready to share!


What I didn’t like about this app:


  • I had to pay $1.99 before “exporting the video to my camera roll” making everyone in the video wait for me while I processed the payment.  Which was not done in the typical Apple Store fashion so that was kinda annoying.
  • Hard to know when it’s recording each section of the Harlem Shake.  If you have the helmet on, it’s hard to hear the speakers on your iPhone or iPod.  The flash worked sporadically as a warning for eminent filming, but it didn’t seem to appear regularly upon subsequent takes.  Here’s an outtake showing we weren’t quite sure if it had started recording or not!


Final Thoughts:


4 stars out of 5


So when I saw the Harlem Shake, I thought to myself, “I need to make this app for people.”  But like normal, I always search the App Store first to see if anyone has beaten me to it.  In this case, had already developed the app and I instantly downloaded it.  I don’t know how long this wave of Harlem Shakes will be going on but they are endless fun and if you own a BuddyGripper, you’ll likely have tons of fun at parties and other social engagements making fools of yourselves doing the Harlem Shake.  

Also, if you think you have the best Harlem Shake ever, you can submit it to our contest on or before March 31, 2013 to win BuddyGripper3Ds for you and all your friends appearing in the video!  Read about the BuddyGripper Harlem Shake Contest rules here!   





Apple Store Harlem Shake App link:


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